Housing inventory shortages continue

Things remain HOT in Seattle even with our current 'Juneuary' weather conditions...

Even with a slight increase in listed homes there are still not enough homes to meet the demand of local buyers. Last month 12,272 homes were listed for sale, however 12,275 offers were made ( source NWMLS). With a wide variety of people looking to purchase homes, the supply just can't keep up with the current demands.

Active listings are down nearly 22% from this time last year, with only 15,198 listings available, whereas the same time period last year showed 19,515 active listing (source NWMLS).

We are still getting our buyers into great homes, it just takes a bit of patience and perseverance and the ability to sometimes think outside the box.

For a full overview of the current market conditions visit the NWMLS monthly newsletter.

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