The new Seattle skyline

Seattle is known for many things, coffee, rain, mountains and water but these days it is known for something new, construction cranes. While our city continues to reshape itself, the new constant in our skyline are those large scale cranes, often flying the ubiquitous 12th man flag. You see them in the photos with Mount Rainier in the background, a bright yellow crane, flag flying high advertising how rapidly our city is growing.

From the Seattle Times:

As the city transforms with taller and taller buildings, Seattle this summer had 58 construction cranes reshaping the skyline — more than any other city in the country, according to recent data.

The city has more cranes than New York and San Francisco combined. It has twice as many as Chicago, Washington, D.C., or Portland.

While some of this development is for large companies like Amazon, much of this development represents desperately needing housing for the growing population of Seattle.

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