What the new administration may mean for residential real estate.

As we are all aware, America has elected its 45th president, Donald Trump. Many question remain to what this means for our country, including our real estate markets.

Sure, everyone right now is obsessing over what kind of impact the new president-elect will have on immigration, taxes, international relations, and trade policies. But we have a more specific query: What will the real estate mogul turned most powerful man in the world mean for the future of residential housing? (We are realtor.com® after all.)

In the short term, probably not all that much.

However, we do know that the incoming president will limit the federal government’s role in the real estate market, as was outlined in the 66-page Republican Platform 2016. So, longer term, the implications of this for home buyers, sellers, and owners could be sweeping. (source Realtor.com, Claire Trapasso)

While the future remains uncertain, as always, we are here to help you with any questions, concerns you might have regarding past, present or future real estate transactions. You can reach out at any time and we are here for you.

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