Seattle Womxn's March, let's keep the momentum going

Lucy, 8 and Frankie, 7 participating in Seattle

With reports of 130,000+ people turning out in Seattle on Saturday for the Seattle Womxn's March people have made their voices heard in a strong and peaceful way. Millions of people all over the world participated in marches and we hope that all of these people will stay politically active, fighting for the rights of ALL people! If you are wondering how to stay involved here are some suggestions:

  • 10 Actions 100 Days will send you easy ways to stay involved in the next 100 days

  • Send postcards to senators and congressional representatives (look them up)

  • Get involved in a swing district (find the closest one to you here)

  • Show up for more planned marches and protests

  • Organize groups of friends and neighbors and get involved together

  • Talk to your kids about the importance of political and community involvement

This is just the first step. There are so many ways to make your voice heard so go and do it!

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